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Eclipse KalOnline - New World

Eclipse KalOnline

Eclipse KalOnline Informations

This is your gate to a new dimension of KalOnline,
since the gameplay haven't changed much over the years, and the world map is always the same since Kalonline was invented, so as a KAL player you must be seeking for more and hungry for far more nontraditional gameplay than what you are used to.
All you need is a new perspective of KalOnline. And we got you covered!

We have decided to create almost a new world of kalonline, that provides freewill gameplay, since our game is an open worldwide new maps, we are seeking to remove the dust over the game, and we are introducing a different game of KalOnline that you never experienced before.

And this is what we hope to achieve at our Eclipse New world!

Eclipse KalOnline Features

-Custom [ Exp - Drop ] rate.
-New open World with oracle Missions
-Freewill Gameplay.
-Custom Maps.
-4 Classes.
-New StoryLine System [ Related to the new world ].
-Daily Quest System .
-New Job Change Quests.
-Navigation System.
-New NPC Designs.
-Guide NPC Located at Every new map.
-Craft System.
-Shop Coin System.
-Golden Coin System.
-Box / Fishing System [ Special items ]
-2 Pets [ Monster - Picking ].
-Suit - Skin.
-Riding Pet.
-Honor Rank buff [ Auto Upgrade According to the Honor Rank ].
-Exp Booster [ for party ].
-New Boss Systems.
-Balanced pvp // pve.
-Battlefield Custom Map [New Style]
-Destruction Key Point.
-Protecting Leader.

[Future Update]

-F10 System.
-Raid System.
-Bloodymoon Eclipse Event.
-World Cup Touranment.
-Last Man Standing.
-Duel Tournament.
-Picture of Hell.

[Disabled System]

-Demon Gong.
-Hanin's Mirror.
-Buff Scroll.

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